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Why Is My Remote Connection So Slow?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Slow remote GUI response time is actually quite difficult to troubleshoot.

  • First because slow in this regard does not have a fully tangible metric
    • In this case slow means it is impractical for you to work with
  • Secondly because it varies on numerous conditions:
    • OS and Graphics card/drivers on your system
    • Remote visualization client (Putty/Xming)
    • Network reliability (on campus wired is usually pretty good)
    • Load (CPU, RAM, Network, Disk I/O) on the machine you are trying to access
For the first two you need laptop/desktop support which is provided by your department/college IT support folks.

For the third you can verify if you are getting at least 100Mbps consistently, e.g. bandwidthplace.

For the fourth you can monitor the load on HPE DSI machines.

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